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Starting a fitness club for a corporate person is not as easy as it sounds, they may have the finances to set things up and hire professionals but to run the show in the market where they had tons of competitors they needed an inventive team to strategize the marketing plan and design the business needs.


After a meticulous research on the biggest fitness clubs we came up with a plan which was “Brand Marketing” we marketed the brand which parallelly helped the people to understand how & what services are provided by circuit house was different compared to the rest of the gyms in the market.

Something that was missing was highlighting the brand and services, which came to life.

through our copywriters and designers.

We even came up with an idea to teach people online the same services provided by circuit house through video production!


Within a month of time huge number of registrations were done, Brand was recognized online and offline because of the right marketing & promotion strategy.

Recognition of the trainers associated with the brand and as their team liked our work they tied up with as retainers for good period of time and we still do update our strategies to keep the business ahead of the market.

  • Client Circuit House
  • Services Delivered Branding, Web Development, Social media marketing, Production And Photography, Copy writing
  • Website