Best Organic Marketing Ideas for Start-ups with Limited budgets

Following complimentary businesses

Another way start-ups can gain free advertising of their business is by following complimentary businesses on social media. For example, creating a twitter account and following other businesses and liking their tweets and interacting with them would make your business visible to their followers and that would create an interest amongst them to check out the business.

In many scenarios following complimentary businesses also mean that as a business you can understand what they are doing to grow their market share. See if you can be part of it anyway or ask them to include you in their events and fests so that you get a recognition while for them it’s a showcase of numbers associated with their business.
SEO (Search Engine Optimisation):
Searching for information regarding businesses and products and services are the fastest and in many cases an accurate way of getting the necessary information. This would mean that there is a need to maintain accurate information on your website and make sure that there are enough hyperlinks which would link to the google search results.
Although many companies would use SEO specialists to make sure that the website and the contents are aligned in a correct fashion, with a little bit of practice even the start-ups can make sure that they rank higher on the search results of the search engines.
Keywords, keywords analysis, backlinking, link building, and link popularity are some of the important aspects of SEO that every start-up need to be aware of so that they can organically rank their businesses at the very top of the search results through search engines such as Google and Bing.

Free online advertising sites:
There are many web portals which post classifieds and ads for free. These portals are usually crowded and hence may have a tough time to get good reach however considering the fact that they are free it is always worth a try. Many complimentary businesses would come and lookup these portals as they post their ads and that may lead to them knowing about your start-ups thus creating that marketing advantage for your business.

Is organic marketing the best option?
Even though there are financial advantages of having organic marketing, the challenges sometime may outweigh the benefits and limitations. To get that organic advertising working for your business you would still need a dedicated team and resources to get through the process.

This is where the paid marketing comes to rescue, instead of spending so much time, money and resources specialized marketing companies can be approached who would have more experience and would know exactly what your business would need.
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