Lead Generation

We are a digital agency that creates campaigns with innovation and cutting-edge technology and focuses on analytical methods.


iOceane’s re-targeting programs help put your brand’s message back in front of existing audiences. Re-targeting campaigns target ads to your website visitors, email distribution list, current or prospect customers – you name it!

Display Advertising

Our display campaigns have technological support behind them that learn about your customers, understand how they behave and interact with the web when they leave your site and allows us to target from profiles created from this data to reach your desired audience, eliminating media spend waste.

Influencer Marketing

Simply put, iOceane is an influencer marketing agency that matches brands with the right influencers to reach millions of consumers everywhere

Data Analysis

Accurate digital reporting is fundamental to great digital decision making. Edit’s analytics offerings ensure you never misreport on your campaign efforts again. From first-time analytics set-up to in-depth website analysis, we can help you to get the most from your analytics data.

Competitor Analysis

You need to be continuously aware of your competitive environment because savvy competitors will inevitably be doing everything they can to grow their market share.
We help companies gain new clients by reaching qualified prospects interested in or looking online for their services.