Here at Physio Tattva we study the chemistry and physics behind basic body functions to provide advanced modernized enviro-friendly services that calls for a lifestyle soo fit as a fiddle.


We are on our journey to be the most reliable and unparalleled caretakers that prioritize health care along with health education with established modernistic approach in the field of physical therapy.


We are on our mission to focus more on enviro – friendly, modernistic contemporary health services, providing all tricks of the trade for a healthier lifestyle “An expertise you want for the love of your health”.



PhysioTattva, a unified brand of two groups, Cadabams group and Brahmbhatt, is an initiative of Cadabams Brahmbhatt healthcare LLP. PhysioTattva is a brand that covers aspects of physical health and rehabilitation services. Ioceane helped physiotattva to build a brand synonymous with leadership, intelligence, and integrity. From evolving the logo to efficient digital marketing with strong brand Consciousness led to this success story.


Major challenge were competitors at every block, rising cost. What we had was 28 years of the team’s experience. Also physio tattva was a new brand. More People were not ready to move out of home due to the threat of the pandemic.


First, we first gave new outlook to the physiotattva by building a brand identity, brand story with a strong brand message. Our team did research through social and digital listening to rightly position the brand. Consistent messaging of the brand through Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and twitter helped us build the Brand image. Later we build the entire digital eco system around the brand and started funnelling the right customers. Today we are generating ₹100,000 business at a cost of ₹ 2000-₹3000.

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