Physiotherapy Brand

At PhysioTattva, we are committed to bring access to quality physio care through ultra-modern clinics and high-skilled practitioners to all. Our world-class therapists keep a strong focus on patient needs and deliver the highest level of care.

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Holiday wear

We after trying miscellaneous brands in our reach, had an understanding that holiday wear, in particular beach wear being the happiest wear and seasonal preferred collection, most likely stayed just as a side caption, by being the tiny house.

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Property Management

JAM is a full-service group, leading the local industry in all aspects of buying, selling and managing residential and commercial property. Our team of market-leading experts have a wealth of experience from all corners of the industry.

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Mind & Soul

Yoga Experts

The initiators of Mind & Soul are the experts who have mastered the art of Yoga, Mind-Body Problems, and the History of Dualism. After winning the knowledge in the domain of psychological resilience and mental wellbeing, they came with this powerful concept of “Mind & Soul”, a persuasive platform that serves international standards by focalizing on training, products and services that demonstrates great care for mind-body-spirit health.

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A One Steel

Steel Manufacturing

A-one gold steel promises to participate and contribute to the development of new India- Rashtra Nirman Mein Samarpit. Our motto is not only to flourish but also to expand and dominate the steel market.

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Venus Communiti

Co - Work & Co-Live

We have to upgrade ourselves in all ways to keep up with this capricious environment and get ahead of our competitions. The Venus Communiti brings on the personification of the concept of Co-Live & Co-Work.

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Sports Wear

At Sportle, we understand the fitness journey and the challenges it throws at us everyday! Trust us it’s not easy! As we have lived it! We come from a place where you all stand, but we believe if we make the first move our half the battle are won!

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Iksha Silks

Premium Silk Sarees

Iksha Silks is influenced by the power of lavish creations. Located in the bustling hub of Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India; Iksha is identified in the market for its unmatched selection of apparel and price. Iksha Silks is an incarnation of richness, consistency and purity.

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Fennec Collective

Men's Casual Wear

With the new era, and with evolving needs arrives the necessity for contemporary brands that are different than their predecessors. Fennec is an improved solution for clothing; we are a premium t-shirt and polo shirts provider that understand the needs of the newer generations.

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