How does Digital Marketing fuel the growth of brands and businesses?

How does Digital Marketing fuel the growth of brands and businesses?

Your business must stay up-to-date with modern technology, especially given how quickly it evolves. It would also help if you were online because your target audience is online too. Communication and interaction with your customers are easier when you use digital marketing and

Growth Strategies

. All of the content you post will be shared, liked, and commented on, which helps you reach a broader audience.

Digital marketing is

more effective

than traditional marketing at reaching a wider audience. Your business cannot grow if you are not available online.

You can use digital marketing to take all your marketing activities online. You can promote your business through digital channels like search engines, social networks, mobile applications, and emails.


Brands can use it to develop their

Brand Development Strategy

for building awareness. With more and more people using mobile devices, mobile apps are becoming more popular. For companies, this means reaching more potential clients than ever before.

Additionally, digital marketing is cost-effective. There are a lot of free marketing channels available online. The key is to take the time to determine what channel will work best for your business.

Brand reputation is built through digital marketing. This will lead to positive feedback and growth from gaining customers’ trust. Review sites are probably the first place people check before buying a product or service.

A simple way to measure the impact of your online campaign will assist you in establishing the most effective

Business growth strategy

for your business. You can make your marketing efforts more effective by identifying your target audiences, their needs, and where they can be found.

Knowing your buyer’s journey

To know

How to grow your brand

, first understand the Buyer Journey. Buyers go through the buyer journey when they become aware of, evaluate, and purchase a new product or service. A three-stage process is followed: 

Awareness Stage:

The buyer realises they have a problem.

Consideration Stage:

The buyer defines the problem and researches options for solving it.

Decision Stage:

The buyer selects a solution.

Digital Marketing Tying Into the Buyer’s Journey

Awareness Stage:

  • Buyers have certain challenges or a problem – to resolve them, they search on Google. 
  • So imagine what you can do if you have a strong online presence and when people can find your service, product and business. 

Consideration Stage:

  • Once consumers define buying goals, they begin searching for buying options. 
  • Through digital marketing, you can show how your product or service can fix buyer’s pain points. 
  • You can showcase how your product or service is the right answer for the right people at the right time. 

Decision Stage:

  • Now, you need to assure buyers by sending them promotions, exclusive offers, and fast-action bonuses. 
  • This helps them to complete the buying process by choosing you as their preferred solution. 

Digital Marketing: how does it help business, or what are some of its benefits?


You can reach your audience more effectively with digital marketing than with traditional marketing. An investigation conducted by Google with IPSOS Hong Kong confirms 2.8 times better revenue generation for businesses that use digital marketing than those that don’t!!

You can control the content you publish:

Through content amplification, you improve the ROI, reach and engagement that your business receives. There are so many ways to produce content related to your business:

  • Articles and blogs
  • Influencer marketing – 92% of consumers rely on word-of-mouth recommendations, and references over traditional advertising
  • Digital PR in the form of media coverage, press releases 
  • Building social proof – 80% of consumers buy items based on their peers suggestions

Be consistent when it comes to your content. Also be spontaneous – if you’re working on something cool, record it and make promotional videos about it. Then push this, with other content to your intended audience. 

Measuring it is easy:

Since digital media can easily be measured, it is considered the most effective way to run campaigns. Real-time campaign measurement is possible, and you can take the insights you gained from the process to improve future campaigns.

Identify and reach even more mobile consumers

On average, 51% of smartphone consumers discover a new brand product while surfing online. With mobile users growing daily, ad optimisation and mobile marketing cannot be simply ignored. Make sure that your brand is optimised for social media, email marketing, and advertising. Optimise your website and content to be mobile-friendly so people surfing on their smartphones can see your campaigns, videos, and blogs.

Customers you want to target:

Targeting a particular niche is possible with digital marketing campaigns. Your customers’ behaviour, interests, etc., can be used as a targeting method. Think of it this way – Hubspot says that Google is responsible for around 94% of the total organic traffic, and 28% of all those searches result in a purchase. With digital marketing expertise, marketers can grow their organic presence and strengthen their inbound marketing goals. 

Engage more people:

Social media is the most popular way to contact people. Based on eMarketer’s September 2021 social media usage forecast, 3.23 billion people will use social media globally by 2025. User engagement can be easily gained this way.

Adapting to a new strategy is so much easier:

Digital marketing allows you to monitor live data and adapt to new

Online Brand growth strategies

as needed to improve results. Traditional marketing tactics like TV and newspaper ads require you to wait until the campaign is over to see the results. Still, digital marketing lets you monitor real-time data and adapt to new strategies as needed.

Types of digital marketing and how they helped the big brand make their mark

Search engine optimisation

Most visitors to the company website were a result of organic traffic, which led to a new record of over 4 million visits. Coca-Cola’s organic search gained recognition as a potent source of consumer traffic, engagement, and media impressions.

Content marketing

Razorpay is a modern digital payment gateway for the gig economy, automating customer payments for businesses of all sizes, including Swiggy and small food trucks. To reach its broad audience, Razorpay creates content for everyone, including small business owners and CFOs. They provide blog posts, white papers, customer stories, and guides to educate their audience.

Social media marketing

Vogue India initiated a social awareness campaign focused on women’s empowerment, which involved the production of a two-and-a-half-minute video featuring 99 prominent women and the hashtag #MyChoice. The video quickly gained popularity online, garnering over 2 million views in just two days.

Email marketing

Uber delivers new offers to their contacts through clear and concise messaging that resonates with their audience, accompanied by a strong call to action. Their consistent brand style and elegant details in emails enhance their message’s clarity and visual branding.

Mobile marketing

IKEA Place is a mobile app that uses Augmented Reality (AR) to show users how furniture would look in their space. The app also allows users to browse through IKEA’s catalog. With 370,000+ monthly active users globally, this creative solution has increased engagement, with an average user spending 8 minutes on the app, compared to 3 minutes before.

Staying current with modern technology allows businesses to reach a wider audience online, improve brand awareness, and build a positive reputation. By identifying target audiences and their needs, iOceane can determine what campaigns are effective and establish the most effective

brand growth strategies

We can show businesses how to best utilize digital marketing to demonstrate how its products and services can solve a customer’s problem, resulting in more sales.  Aside from being cost-effective, our digital marketing and branding services are easy to measure and engage more people via social media. Contact us now and give your brand a whole new meaning. 

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